Snomee Gift Card Globe Holder Review!

With Christmas there are all kinds of gifts from clothing to movies, but when you don't know what to buy gift cards make the perfect gift for anyone because it allows the person to buy whatever they want at any store such as GameStop, old navy etc.

Thing is though when we buy a gift card we then throw away the card holder that the gift card comes in.

With a Snomee gift card holder you don't have to toss away because it's also a snow globe, pretty neat if you ask me to because each globe has it's own scene inside of it!

When I came across snomee on the web and saw their gift card holders  a very special person in mind popped into my head to review it which is my nephew! 

I was asked which one I wanted to review and told snomee that my nephew is quite the game player so I was sent the multimedia snomee and when it arrived I thought it was the coolest thing ever because this is something you don't have to throw away you can keep it as a keepsake and continue to watch the snow fall in the globe!

I thought this one fit him perfectly because not only does he like to play video games he loves to watch movies, typical teenage boy!

So I went to GameStop and bought a gift card for him for Christmas and couldn't wait to set the card in place in the snomee globe!

There's something about snow globes that I love, with just a shake the snow starts to fall in them and it looks magical!

The best part of all is that their is a snomee for everyone of all types of interests such as beauty, bookworms, home improvement even sports and fitness !

Give the gift of snomee to that one special person this holiday season!

You can order them online at their site below and be sure to connect with them on their social media sites!





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