Tofurky Review!

Were you once a meat eater and miss the taste of meat especially during the spring and summer time months on the grill? I came across Tofurky meatless products on the web and had to try them they sounded tasty, healthy and also full of flavor!

I admit yes I am a meat eater but like to try new foods to change it up instead of eating the same old boring thing because when eating  healthier you tend to get into a routine of eating the same thing day after day so why not switch it up!

They have all sorts of products such as deli slices like a roast beef style, pepperoni slices, Kielbasa, beer brats, Italian sausage and a ton of other products !

Hickory smoked deli slices:
Amazing hickory smoked flavor was so good on some 7 grain bread with lettuce, half a slice of cheese and a bit of veganaise !

I was sent some coupons redeemable for free products of my choosing and love the products I've tried!

Went to the market the other day and picked up some more tofurky products and will update as soon as I try the other ones! 

Anyways here is some facts about tofurky:

Thinly sliced 
Organic tofu based

Fun tip for you! 

Did you know that tofurky is the number one brand of meatless sausages in America! 


Great flavor with a hint of spiciness to it ! With a dollop of ketchup, finely chopped onions and a smidgen of honey mustard it made the perfect lunch! 

Great for outdoor grilling in the summertime! 

Bologna deli slices:

Great amount of flavor it was super delicious and tasted almost like a slim Jim! 

Check out their products on the website and see where they sell them!



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