Lenny&Larry's Review!

I work out 7 days a week always on the go so when I am in need of some refueling I want a snack that's quick and easy like a smoothie, some fresh cut fruit, yogurt or some much needed protein like meat such as chicken or turkey but sometimes I need something sweet and what better way to get your protein intake than with a decadent fit protein brownie or complete cookie from 
Lenny&Larry's  when I made my way to their website one night and saw all of their snacks I just had to try them!

Lenny and Larry's is an all natural protein company made by two friends which is so good it will scare you silly as in their own words! Which is so true, because they are that good and I can prove it to because they were generous enough to send me their yummy prof tie fit brownies and complete cookies for review!

Lenny & Larry's facts:
Their snacks are baked fresh to perfection 
All natural
Great source of protein for a tasty treat or a quick pick me up after an intense workout 
 No sugar alcohols 
No sucralose
Low glycemic 

Protein fit brownies:

decadent and chocolaty goodness baked to perfection in these tasty protein brownies! Is it a brownie or is it a protein bar?

Peanut butter crunch:
All I have got to say is wow! This is the first flavor I've tried and was blown away at how chocolaty and tasty it was! Didn't offer that chalky like taste that you get from most protein bars at all! It was so good with the decadent chocolate with creamy peanut butter chips ! Highly recommend !!

Chocolate raspberry:
I am absolutely blown away by this protein brownie it was insanely good, to me it tasted just like a chocolate raspberry cake ! Great for a healthy dessert  without the guilt or as a post workout treat !

Chocolate decadence: 
Intense chocolate flavor but oh so good, tastes just like a brownie right out of the oven! 

Complete cookies:

Lemon poppy seed:

My mom loves lemon poppy seed muffins even breads so this cookie had her name on it, I put it into her stocking for Christmas and she loved it! Fantastic lemon flavor with poppy seeds sprinkled all throughout the cookie!

Peanut butter complete:
This is the best peanut butter cookie I have ever had! 

Double chocolate:
Hands down the best double chocolate cookie ever!

Oatmeal raisin:
Delicious oatmeal raisin cookie that's chewy and full of flavor, Santa told me it was his favorite! 

Chocolate chip:
My favorite type of cookie is chocolate chip, takes me back to my childhood when we would bake cookies in the oven, the fun part was mixing the batter and adding in chocolate chips! This cookie was moist, delicious and chocolaty!

Pumpkin spice:
Fantastic pumpkin flavor, great for this time of year with all the holiday eats!

Other products they offer are:

Muscle brownies
Muscle muffins

You can find out where they sell them in stores and order them online on their website!





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