Rigoni Di Asiago Review and Giveaway!

Rigoni Di Asiago sent me a package for review of their scrumptious all natural products  including their hazelnut spread which is an organic blend of Nutella! Also their strawberry fruit spread Fiordifrutta! I love fruit spreads especially strawberry!  The package also included an apron and a reusable bag that is in the shape of a hazelnut! Cutest bag I've ever seen!! 

Rigonidiasiago facts:
USDA organic
Amazing flavorful products 

Fiordafrutta strawberry and wild strawberry fruit spread: 

I loved this strawberry spread, it has a fantastic strawberry flavor and not too sugary like other brands that I've tried which to me is fantastic! Goes great on bagels, bread, as a dessert topping even in a smoothie! 

Nocciolata hazelnut spread:
I know you've probably tried Nutella before which is a creamy hazelnut spread and it's oh so delicious, but have you tried Nocciolata before?!
Organic hazelnut spread with cocoa and milk.
It's so decadent and works as a cream filling between cookies, paired with fruit as a creamy dip even with biscotti! You can even spread some on any type of bread for a quick and yummy snack that's bursting with rich creamy hazelnut flavor! What I loved about this spread was that it wasn't too sweet and it worked just right in my chocolate hazelnut covered strawberry smoothie after my workout! 

One lucky winner will win a Rigonidiasiago prize pack just enter to win below!

Good luck and happy holidays!! 

Be sure to check out their products and where they sell them on their website!


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