Somersaults Snacks Review!

I've been hearing about these amazing snacks from Somersaults Snack company
that are baked with delicious all natural ingredients such as sunflower seeds and whole grains into bite sized nuggets and just knew I had to try them! 

Somersault was generous enough to send me their delightful crunchy snacks for review!

They work great with fruit and yogurt as well!

Somersault Facts:
Created for a quick go to snack on the go!
All natural
Nut free
6 grams of protein
3 grams of fiber

Dutch Cocoa:

I guess you could say I'm a chocoholic when it comes to all things chocolate especially baked snacks! I couldn't wait to try out this flavor so I tore open the package and took a bite and was amazed at how great the Dutch cocoa tasted ! I have never had anything like this before in my life it was like a bite sized cookie mixed with sunflower seeds, chocolate and grains and was the perfect after dinner snack!

Cinnamon crunch:

What to say about this crunchy delightful snack?! Fantastic cinnamon flavor with the right amount of crunch, to me it tasted just like the known popular cinnamon toast crunch cereal! Delicious and works great in yogurt or just right out of the bag!!

Santa Fe salsa: less sodium than pretzels and two times the protein! This teensy little nugget packs a punch with jalapeño, cilantro with a sprinkle of lime! 

Salty pepper:
Perfect go to snack for those late night study sessions or movie night!

Pacific sea salt:
Now this is interesting! Less sugar than a apple but the same 92% grams of fiber!
If you love eating salty foods such as potato chips then this delicious salty nugget baked with whole grains and sunflower seeds is for you!

Give those taste buds a whirl with somersault snacks today!

Check them out on the web!





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