Anita's Biscotti Review!

Don't know what it is but whenever I have coffee or even a steaming cup of delicious hot chocolate I need something to go along with it, the perfect pairing is biscotti cookies!

My mom and I absolutely love biscotti, not only are they sweet, crunchy and delicious but they go along great with other ingredients such as yogurt, fruit or even ice cream!

When I came across Anita's Biscotti and saw the assortment they had I 
just knew I had to try them especially since they use real ingredients! 

I was sent some of Anita's biscotti for review and couldn't wait to sink my teeth into them! They all look absolutely mouthwatering !

Pumpkin pie biscotti:

I love pumpkin pie so for me this biscotti was perfect it tasted just like pie! Went along great with some holiday nog!

Peanut butter cup:
Not an overwhelming peanut butter taste but it sure was delicious with the chocolate flavor!

These twice baked cookies are to die for! Perfected by Anita herself each biscotti cookie is handmade and festively decorated with the most delicious combination of ingredients to develop a fantastic cookie experience that your taste buds will thank you for!

With the holidays just around the corner Anita's biscotti will make the perfect gift!

Biscotti flavors:
Almond anise
Triple chocolate
Chocolate chip
Chocolate peanut butter
Cinnamon raisin
Cinnamon sugar
Espresso chocolate chip
Double dipped vanilla
Double dipped chocolate
Orange almond
Lemon poppy
Truly vanilla
Caramel pecan
White chocolate macadamia 
Cranberry hazelnut

Chocolate covered sweets:
Double dipped pretzel rods
Flavored java spoons 
Chocolate covered marshmallows 

So get those holiday orders in! Order them online on their site!




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