Whitegirl salsa company review!

Julie Nirvelli was welcomed into a Hispanic families home with open arms and her homemade tomatillo salsa was then put to the test and they all loved it so much so that it was gone within minutes of it being placed on the table! 

Close friends of hers came up with the name of her company which is called Whitegirl salsa

So what sets white girl salsas from others?

You know how most salsas have that red color to the jars we've seem in stores? Well this one is mixed with cilantro, lime and tomatillo giving it a vibrant green color!

They are all natural, preservative free and no fillers making it guilt free and insanely good especially at family get togethers, parties even the Super Bowl ! 

When I came across their unique blends of salsa on their website I just had to try them, especially the cranberry mango! 

I'm not much of a spicy foods kind of woman so when I was given a choice to choose which salsas I wanted to review I went with mild tomatillo and of course the cranberry mango!

Cranberry mango:
Now this salsa right here deserves 5 stars! It's unique blend of cilantro and tomatillos mixed with mangos and cranberries giving it a lightly sweetened taste! Very delicious paired with cheese, chips you name it the possibilities are endless!

Mild tomatillo :
Not a fan of hot salsa in or on your foods? No problem! This mild tomatillo salsa is just that, mild and goes great on anything from tacos to fish, even great on tortilla chips too! Great flavor and has a bit of a twist to it from other mild salsa I've tried! 

Other salsa:

Smokey chipotle 
Medium tomatillo 
And for those who love to add a kick to dishes they have hot tomatillo

Be sure to check them out on the web and connect with them on their social media sites!




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