Welovejam Review!

These products don't even compare to other jams, ketchups, or caramel sauces I've tried they are simply the best!

Made with organic ingredients!

What makes them unique is that their jams don't consist of just the fruit such as peach, strawberry, cherry etc. they are mixed with another fruit giving them a twist of tartness and sweetness! 

Tart cherry/grapefruit: 
mix it with some plain yogurt for a sweet treat!

Blenheim apricot : 

great on toast, English muffins or even bagels even drizzled on some Christmas ham! It was flavorful, fruity and the perfect glazed topping for the ham! 

I was sent some of their jams for review as well as their amazing caramel sauce and delectable ketchup !

I like how they pick their own fruits for the jams that they make and as well as canning them in jars that have an old fashion look to them!

Looking at all of their jams, sauces etc on their web was like walking into a general store! 

Blenheim apricot jam was voted in Food and Wines magazine for the best jam they ever tasted! 

Other jams and sauces:

Quince jam

Super tart/ cherry grapefruit

Loved the taste of the cherries in this jam goes great on anything from scones to smoothies loved the hint of grapefruit as well!

Montmorency  cherry Blenheim apricot 
Raspberry mango passion fruit jam
Strawberry mango passion fruit jam
Tangy mango and lime jam
Blenheim apricot and bing cherry jam
Super dark caramel sauce
Buttered dark rum caramel sauce
BBQ sauce
Mariposa plum jam
Elephant heart plum jam
Red flame nectarine jam
Fukushu kumquat marmalade And tons more!

I had a tofurky kielbasa for lunch on a slice of Ezekiel bread and diced up some onions and added honey mustard and can't forget this delicious ketchup!

This is by far the best ketchup I have ever had! It is thick and tastes like a pasta sauce ! Lightly sweetened and works great on hot dogs, homefries, burgers , meatloaf even eggs!

Fleur de sel caramel:

Wow this is the best caramel sauce I have ever had! It's salty, buttery and creamy all in one! Great as a topping for smoothies, drizzled on ice cream, with fruit the possibilities are endless! 

You won't want to miss out on their delicious tasting jams, sauces and ketchup ! You can order them online on their website listed below!



  1. I once tried jalapeno jam, that was a kicker!

    So what do you do for a living? A lot of your reviews talk about how you go to Whole Foods to pick up food.... so.... what's your job like that allows you to buy foods at whole foods? I work and make decent money, but I could never afford whole foods on my weekly budget.. I don't eat bread much, but i would never buy bread like "eziekel" that costs almost 5$ a loaf.... so share with your readers.. what do you for a living?

    1. I work as a housekeeper at a hotel. I use coupons as well which helps save money.

  2. Sorry but my personal life is no ones business


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