Happygirl cookie company review!

When I came across Happy girl cookie company online I knew I had to review them!

They aren't your ordinary cookie either that your used to they are so much better because they take two cookies and between them they are piped to perfection with frosting!

Now how can you beat that? It's like the best of both worlds or cookies for that matter. :) 

Your probably wondering how did they get their name?

It all started with Kristin pastry chef who specializes in vegan desserts since she graduated from the restaurant school.

She's got a passion for baking and it showed through her bright smile while doing so! 

She would bake up her desserts for her friends and family to munch on at social gatherings even give them to friends for their events whether it be sporting events etc.

Then word got out at how great her sandwich cookies really were and they set up shop in a bakery for vegan and gluten free cookies!

Happy Girl cookie facts:
Certified organic 
Certified vegan
Made with 100% all natural ingredients 
  Egg free
dairy free
 trans fat free
cholesterol free
GMO free
Big enough to share with loved ones!

Mom and I couldn't decide which on to slice into for dessert so we had a small slice of each and it was the perfect treat to end a winter wonderland of snow today!

Oatmeal raisin elation cookie:

Who doesn't love oatmeal raisin cookies?! They are so delicious and so juicy with the plumpness of the raisins! A favorite past time favorite! Right amount of raisins in each bite with the vanilla cream filling sandwiched between the two cookies! Great with milk!

Oatmeal Blueberry bliss:

I love blueberries so when I saw this cookie I knew I had to try it especially since it's got oatmeal in it!
Chunks of blueberries throughout each cookie sandwiched with maple cream filling in the center. No wonder what's it called oatmeal blueberry bliss! 
Mom and I absolutely loved this flavor, it was chewy, not too sweet and was the perfect dessert after dinner!

Other flavors they offer :

Triple chocolate nirvana with vanilla cream frosting
Oatmeal chocolate chip heaven with vanilla cream frosting 
Sassy ginger molassie with lemon cream frosting






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