Dream Blends drink review!

The best packages that arrive are the ones that you had no idea that you were receivng!

This package was a complete surprise to me!

It's funny because I've been on a chocolate crazed kick lately and this new drink arrived just in time from Taste The Dream !

These are great for a grab and go drink or in a smoothie!
I couldn't wait to give it a try in some wonderful smoothie recipes that I had up my sleeve like the one below that I tested it out on!

Before I put the ingredients in the blender I tasted the creamy goodness of the chocolate milk and wow it was like eating a candy bar but so much better because it's more healthier and packed with nutrients!

It's their new drink blend consisting of almond, cashews and hazelnut!

Did I mention it's gluten free?!

Chocolate covered cherry smoothie:
I've been on a chocolate covered smoothie kick lately so I was thinking of making a chocolate covered cherry smoothie because they are one of my favorite chocolates around the holidays!
I couldn't wait to blend this baby up in the blender for dessert tonight!

Boy was I in for a cheery chocolaty treat!

It was love at first sip I'll tell you!

Bursting with amazing chocolate flavor with the sweetness of the cherries and smoothness from the yogurt, made the perfect decadent dessert and completely guilt free! 

They offer a wide arrange of products such as:
Coconut dream
Soy dream
Almond dream
Rice dream

Which consists of ice cream, candy bars and also milks!

I have got to try more of their products!

Find them on the web here and also connect with them too!




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