Axe Review!

My nephew is now in the 9th grade in high school and also plays football on the schools team and can you believe it they play 6 days a week! 

It's also great though because he loves football and is good at it!

You ask him things about football and he will tell you  about every single player that's on the Philadelphia Eagles team!

Even when they lose a game whether it's a home game or an away game they practice on Sunday, how insane is that!? 

So when you really think about it their always practicing which leads to sweat that gets on their sports equipment and makes it very well, stinky!

He even plays football with his friends sometimes after school, it's a lot of fun seeing him running around enjoying the sport!

Axe was generous enough to send me a package just for my nephew for review this holiday season!

In the package that arrived for the review was some deodorants, shower gels and also axe for her they all smell absolutely amazing and will also make you feel your best even when you are covered in sweat whether your working out at the gym, running around playing football even jogging!

Now he can sweat in style while playing some football whether it's on or off the field at school!

The other night mom and I went out shopping for some last minute stocking stuffers for Christmas and we found the axe sponge for the shower and I thought it was be the perfect touch to add to the axe gift !

Absolutely loved his face when he opened the gift and saw all of the axe goodies it was priceless, the hugest smile ever!





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