Maine's Own Organic Milk Review!

Here is a photo below with all of the contents in the blender, of course you can't forget the milk!

Blueberry cheesecake smoothie:

Maine's Own Facts:
No gmos 
No artificial growth hormones
No synthetic fertilizers
No antibiotics
Certified usda organic
No toxic or persistent pesticides 

Banana cheesecake smoothie:

Tastes just like a dessert but this smoothie is guilt free and oh so delicious especially when used with the skim milk making it more healthier.
Whole moo
2% moo
1% moo
Skim moo
chocolate moo- 
coming soon!
Some skin milks taste watery but no way not Maine's Own milk! It worked very well in this smoothie  I made for breakfast which was blueberry cheesecake flavor.
The milk also tasted very fresh and didn't have that milk carton taste of cardboard which was good!

I can't wait to make some more recipes with this milk and share them with you all!






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