Ozery Bakery Review!

I was sent an assortment of products for review from Ozery Bakery and couldn't wait to try them out especially their morning rounds to dress up my sandwiches !

Above is a photo of the products I received, they all sound delicious!

Morning rounds: 

Ditch the doughnuts and unhealthy baked goods we all know and love and have a morning round! I have never tried anything like these before in my life ! It's almost like an English muffin and a scone mixed!! What I love about these rounds is you can make a sandwich out of them, slather on some of your favorite cream cheese or even use butter and jam!

Great for a snack or a quick and easy breakfast for on the go!

Cranberry orange morning rounds:
Delicious plump cranberries baked right into this flaky bread with the essence of orange makes the perfect Thanksgiving sandwich with all the trimmings such as turkey, stuffing and even some cranberry mayo! So unbelievably good!!


I love the plump juicy raisins throughout this bun it's makes it not only healthy but tastes delicious along with the grains and works great with some cinnamon cream cheese!

Apple cinnamon:

Crispy pitas:

Cranberry pumpkin seed:

I absolutely love these pita chips! To me they taste like cranberry bread that's been baked to perfection with pumpkin seeds and a hint of cinnamon! 

Rosemary garlic
Organic wheat:

Crispy light and airy pita chips make it perfect for dipping!
Organic spelt with flax:

To me it has a plain taste but would go great with cheese, salsa or hummus 




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