NATU Haircare Review!

Ever since I was a little girl I've had thick hair that is hard to manage especially when it's dry, but I'm always told I have beautiful hair which is in fact true but at times since it's thick it's hard to manage.

With these wonderful products from NATU I can finally have healthier looking more manageable hair and feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, my hair doesn't feel heavy it feels light and silky upon using these products!

Liberating shampoo:
Makes your hair feel softer and look more beautiful than ever!

Reawakening conditioner:
Improves the hair by making it smooth, soft and more manageable 

Silkening mist:
I do have to say I am in love with this misting spray because my hair is thick and can be tough to manage at times but with just a few spritz it untangles my hair and is a lot easier to run a brush through it. 

Here is a photo of the end result! Silky smooth hair!

No sulfates
Artificial fragrances
Artificial colors
Dioxine free
Tested in salons
Made in USA 
All natural 





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