Dentisse Toothpaste review!

 Dentisse premium oral care products was developed by two scientists that whipped up small batches of their white kaolin clay based formula for their family and friends. Their product was soon a hit and they raved over their concoction that made their teeth noticeably whiter and how it was better than other toothpastes! 

Over all the good reviews from friends and family they decided to market their products for all to enjoy for a radiant and  whiter smile!

What I love about this company is that their products are made as natural as possible and doesn't sacrifice dental properties, with that in mind Dentisse premium oral care products were born! 

I was sent their toothpaste for review to test out myself, and so far I absolutely love it!
Didn't have a chalky taste or an overpowering minty taste at all.

I only used it once so far, so I'm going to use it for 2 weeks to see if it actually works.

Brushing for 2 weeks:
Longer lasting fresh breath
More radiant smile
Smoother teeth
Cleaner feeling mouth
Less plaque and tartar buildup 
Gleaming noticeably whiter teeth

They also have a mouth rinse and lip balm too!

Learn more about their products and connect with them on these sites listed:



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