GoodKarmaFoods: Flax Milk Review

I love flax seeds in products such as cereal, granola but have never tried flax milk.

So when I came across GoodKarma flax milk on the web I just knew I had to try it for review!

I was sent coupons to pick up some milks of my choice at the store.

I went from store to store in search of the milk and finally happened upon it at my local stop & shop.

I thought to myself it must be a good milk because there were only two left on the shelf and I quickly scooped them up and put them into my carriage.

I just couldn't wait to try it, especially hearing all the healthy facts about their milk plus the benefits of flax!


 Natural, Lactose Free, Gluten Free, Non Dairy, Trans Fat Free, Soy Free, Allergen Free, Vegan, Supports Green Farming, Omega-3s

Flax Facts:

 Good Karma Products Promote a Healthy Lifestyle while supporting Sustainable Agriculture.


Worked absolutely perfectly in my pb&j smoothie! It was super delicious and gave me all of the nutrients I needed! 

To me it tasted just like skim milk but with flax seeds.

I can't wait to use more of this milk in other smoothies or recipes!

They also carry other milks in their product line which I am on the search for such as:

Vanilla and chocolate whole grain rice milk

Flax milk: original, unsweetened and vanilla
Protein+ flax milk




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