ActivewearUSA Review!

As far as I can remember I never liked any physical activity because I was overweight and didn't like to go walking, ride a bike, run or even gym at school. You name it I didn't want to do it.

Until now that is because I lead a more active lifestyle by walking, working out,running and eating healthier and have lost 100 pounds because of it!

I don't know about you but it's the little things that can make me want to get out there and move such as sporting a new outfit such as this one I received for review from ActivewearUSA ! 
Founded with a goal to offer with high performance stylish footwear, activewear, accessories for women with over 110 different brands that are perfect for fitness, workouts, kickboxing, Zumba, yoga and most importantly you will feel great and look oh so fabulous while working out! 

From the moment I opened the package and tried it on I fell in love with the outfit!

The pants are so comfortable for any form of exercise such as running, walking, biking, yoga or even at the gym! 

What I love:
Fits nicely
Contours to your body shape
Great for any kind of exercise

The shirt is also comfortable and I love the color it fits nicely.
Here's an above photo of me wearing the shirt!
It criss crosses in the back.

Many styles to choose from, check them out!





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