Farmers market Lemongrass basil soap from swaggable

I've been a member on swaggable for quite sometime now and have gotten to try some really nice products, I love it when I get to test out beauty products such as lotions or soaps!

I was sent a bar of lemongrass basil soap!

Although I have not tested out this sample yet, I like the fresh and clean smell of it it's so vibrant you can smell it right through the box!

It reminds me of summer time sipping lemonade by the pool hence the lemon scent!

Ingredients:Organic Shea,Blueberry and Avocado butters are used to nourish your skin providing essential antioxidants and vitamins.

Gives your skin a clean feeling as well with the uplifting scent of lemongrass and a hint of basil.

Take a look on their website for their other soaps such as:

Pumpkin spice
Blackberry preserves
Lavender eucalyptus 
Apple orchard
And unscented

I would love to test out their other products!

I love using products that not only smell nice but make my skin feel nice and soft as well!


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