CalifiaFarms Holiday Nog product find!

I think wholefoods is very creative in how they decorate their flooring inside of the store! 

This was found right in front of the CalifiaFarms holiday nog display and I just had to snap a picture of it because it's festive and perfect for holiday finds!

So stocked up!

Not too long ago I did a review on CalifiaFarms almond milk and their coffees and boy were they delicious! 

Today mom and I went off to wholefoods in search of some of our favorite household staples.

Walking toward the milk section she pointed out CalifiaFarms milk and I looked at the bottle . My exact words were holy crap that's not milk it's egg nog! I just knew I had to buy it!

As a kid I would drink egg nog all of the time on the holidays such as thanksgiving, Christmas and even New Years! I loved it!

So when I saw their holiday nog I purchased it and took it home and just couldn't wait to pop open the cap and pour out a glass!

First sip I was in love! It's creamy, a lot less fat than other egg nogs and oh so delicious!

It's like drinking Christmas in a glass that's how good it is!

I will be buying more of it for sure especially since I know it tastes fantastic in this smoothie I made! I saw the recipe online but used cinnamon sugar instead of nutmeg, some bunny Graham's and also 3 ice cubes! 

You could call me creative or adventurous with food but I love tweaking recipes and turning them into my own! 


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