Fave Juices Review!

Fruity fave facts-
Only 60 calories
All natural
Three full servings of fruit and vegetables
Bottled in the USA

When I was a child I would drink a lot of juice but now a days only have half a cup of it. I would drink it like it was going out of style!

When I heard about these wonderful fruit and vegetable juices from Fave I just had to try them!

I've tried a drink similar to this before but it was more like a smoothie blend but these drinks are so much better than that!

full serving of vegetables:

and carrots

Pomegranate blueberry goji

This juice was very flavorful and super delicious, didn't taste overwhelmingly sugary at all like other juices do. You could taste each one of the juices I just know this juice would be great in a blueberry smoothie to make it even more flavorful!

This morning for breakfast I took out some ingredients to whip up a smoothie and I usually use yogurt in them but this time I used a packet of oatmeal, pomegranate blueberry goji juice and blueberries and it was super tasty !

Strawberry banana kiwi

Tangerine orange pineapple







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