Weigh in results!!

So as you may have seen before I've done a review on a digital bathroom scale from a company called Eat smart and they offer all kinds of scales to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle such as food scales that count calories and the digital bathroom scale!

I always hated getting on the scale just knowing it was a number I didn't want to see, especially since it was always a high number. Now since I'm eating right and exercising a lot more I can't wait to get on and see results! 

I have come so far in this journey to just throw in the towel, I have hard days at times but I know I am going to make it!

Each day I get closer to my goal and I feel great too which is the most important! 

So I stepped on this morning and couldn't wait to see the number flashing on the scale! When it does go up though I tell myself you are not that number and you are on the right path so don't give up! 

Check out the review over here. Eat smart bathroom scale review .
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