Solana Gold Review!

Peach applesauce:
I am a huge fan of peach apple sauce .Theres something about the sweetness of the peaches and smoothness of the applesauce that I love, it goes great with so many recipes too.
With this peach apple sauce I wasn't too impressed, it wasn't too peachy but it sure was good. I like more of a peach flavor when it comes to peach applesauce.

Blackberry applesauce:

What perks my interest and love for a company is their dedication to their products to provide us with not just great tasting foods but the best, especially when it's hand picked and fresh!

I came across Solana Gold Organic products on the web and just had to try their products especially their apple sauces and apple juice! They also have apple cider vinegar as well.

I've never tried blackberry applesauce before so I was absolutely thrilled to try something new! I loved the sweet taste, and it offered a phenomenal blackberry flavor!

Other applesauce flavors:

Gravenstein apple sauce

I also received a jar of apple juice autumn harvest blend and wow it's so delicious! To me it tasted exactly like apple cider! I love a good apple juice and I finally found one!

Solana facts:
All natural
No preservatives
No added sugar




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