Make a stand Lemon-aid Review!

My all time favorite drink in the summer time is lemonade!

It's so refreshing and tasty especially when the temperature is at it's all time high, but is way too sugary.

So when I came across Make a Stand  on the web I just had to try them out!

I was then sent two flavors for review on my blog!

I like how the bottles have an old fashion look to them and also that they have cute little charms around the bottles!

They make the perfect gift!

One is original and the other is a ginger lemonade with Yerba mate that has a kick to it !

First off let me tell you about how their company began.

What is make a stand?

Eight year old Vivienne Harr made a stand and set up lemonade in Marin county California every day for 365 days straight to end child slavery.

World stood her ground and that's  when her lemon-aid was bottled.

Where does the money go?

She has donated over $100,000 to nonprofits so far on the front lines of putting an end to child slavery in California and around the world.

Make a stand then donates 5% of revenues to the following organizations to end child slavery.
Free the slaves
Nepal youth foundation
The international programme on the elimination of child labor

How can we help?

Buy this refreshing lemon-aid at your local retailer!
When we buy a bottle we help put an end to slavery.

What makes the lemon-aid different:
Certified organic
1/3 less sugar than other leading brands!
GMO free
Tunnel pasteurized
Fair trade certified 

Lemon-aid with a kick:
I've never tried lemon-aid with ginger in it but to my surprise it was delicious!
I loved that you could still taste the lemons without the ginger having an overwhelming taste to it.

Great refreshing flavor !
Sipping on this reminded me of summer at the beach!


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