NatraCare Organic & natural feminine care Review!

Ok, now this review is a bit different from all my others, because they are feminine care products. 

I was sent these items for review and couldn't wait to try them out to see if they are better and different from the average products we all know and use.

Natural Panty liners:

One thing I hate sometimes when I wear panty liners or even pads is that they don't stay in place in underwear especially during the night, which as we all ladies know is uncomfortable.
I liked how they didn't shift, they didn't offer any perfume smell to them and also I felt cleaner and more confident in wearing them for the time of the month.

Gynecologist advise women to wear all natural,panty liners to in fact reduce the contact of chlorine bleaches, synthetics and superabsorbents that are made with petrochemicals.  

What makes natracare  feminine products different:
All natural
Parable free
Chlorine free
Clinically tested
No synthetic preservatives 
Alcohol free
100% cotton
Perfume free

NataCare Intimate wipes:

Seems like every pad and tampon line make wipes now for freshening up when your on your period.
They come in handy too especially when you need to wash up when you have no time for a shower, external use only!
These wipes are great for carrying in your purse as well!
Feels refreshing.

Cotton Tampons:

I didn't start wearing tampons until a few years ago but wasn't aware of toxic shock syndrome until now, which I will get into much later.
I liked that they felt more comfortable than my regular tampon brand I usually buy at my local drug store.
I liked how the tampon itself was wrapped in plastic rather than the applicator.
It also looked small than the other tampon brand because it didn't have the applicator.

Toxic shock syndrome: (TSS for short)
It develops when the common bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus produces a toxin which is absorbed into the bloodstream. Toxin then overwhelms the immune system and attacks the major organs leading to kidney failure, collapse of the lungs and cardiac arrest.
Half of TSS known cases are women using tampons.

Symptoms of Toxic Shock Syndrome:
Aching muscles
Sore throat
High temperature over 102F
Red rash
Watery diarrhea 
Very low blood pressure
Only one or two symptoms may occur 
They don't all occur at once and may not persist 

Quick action can save your life!

What you should do:
Remove the tampon (save it if possible)
Seek immediate medical attention
Inform your doctor that you've been using tampons
Take a TSS leaflet with you

Incidence of TSS:
It's real, it's common and also it kills
1 in 700 women will get tampon related Tss in their lifetime
Whoa,get this. it's estimated that nationwide 5,000 to 10,000 cases of staphylococcal toxic shock syndrome now occurs each year making it as common as Lyme disease! 
It can strike any women or girl without warning and can act rapidly and more fatalities among tampon users are inevitable.

TSS occurs and affects primarily young and otherwise healthy women.

If you've been having flue like symptoms and a fever remove your tampon and go to the hospital immediately. Insist on getting blood work done. If caught earlier enough you have a much better chance of survival. 

Very scary stuff.
I know we all get busy thorough out the day and sometimes forget to change the tampon when it should be but this is very important to remember.
I have often used them when sleeping during the night and never really thought about this at all until now.
I'm going to switch to using panty liners or pads during the night only!

This information was definitely an eye opener for sure!


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