KarmaOrganics Spa Review!

I love to paint my toenails once in awhile, not only does it add some color to my nails but it's also nice to just kick back and pamper yourself.
 When I was browsing on their website and saw all the beautiful colors of nail polishes I just knew I had to review them especially when I came across the pretty purple one! 

How awesome that I got to pick my own products for this review to!

I ended up picking out the purple shade which actually is called Another Beautiful Day in LA, a clear coat and also a lavender polish remover!

Nail polish remover: 
made with soybean oil and lavender. What's so unique about this nail polish remover is that it doesn't offer an overpowering smell as soon as you twist the cap off like other brands do. I love the smell to it too! Gently dab some remover onto a cotton ball or even tissue and rub it ever so slightly on your nail and you'll have clean nails before applying a different shade of polish that your heart desires.

Another beautiful day in LA:
I absolutely love this color! It's not too dark and it dried pretty quick! It even matches my bedspread too!! 

Two in one base top coat:
Here's a photo of my toes after I used both polishes!

I liked how you could use the polish either as a base or a top coat. I polished this over the purple color for a glossy touch to add to my tootsies and I love the way they shine!

Formaldehyde free
Non toxic
Non carcinogenic 
Soybean oil based

You can connect with them on their social media sites below!






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