Hannahmax Baking: cookie chips review!

I love a good sweet treat once in awhile especially cookies!

When I came across these outrageous cookies from Hannahmax I just had to try them for review because they aren't your ordinary cookie at all they taste like a cookie but eat like a chip which means their cookies are flat and thin but oh so delicious just bursting with all kinds of goodness such as peanut butter, chocolate, cinnamon and original!

In 1993 Joanne adirim embarked on a mission to make the most delicious desserts you could enjoy and with that hannahmax was born! 

Using the best ingredients such as whole eggs, creamery butter, real,vanilla and milled cane sugar .

Here are some facts about the cookies:

Whole ingredients meaning they are all natural made with no chemicals !
No preservatives
No GMOs 
No artificial flavors or colors
No trans fats 

I dished out the cookies with a side of flax milk and they tasted so delicious!

Chocolate chip:
Brown sugar cookies with teeny morsels of the best semi sweet chocolate chip making the cookie both crunchy and sweet at the same time! 

Delicious brown sugar baked into these delicious cookies that go great with ice cream!

Dark chocolate chocolate chip:
You know when you bake brownies at home and the corner pieces have that crunch?! Well these chips tastes just like them bursting with chocolate flavor!
Love how you can pair it with milk or crumble some on top of your favorite yogurt or even ice cream for a sweet treat!

Cinnamon sugar:
Original cookie chips with a dusting of cinnamon sugar in every bite!

Sea salted peanut butter:
Made with all natural peanut butter with roasted nuts and sprinkled sea salt giving this cookie chip an amazing buttery flavor! So good!

For all of you cookie lovers out there check them out on their website and connect with them on their social media sites below!





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