Turlock Pita Bread Review

The bread you choose for a sandwich can make or break lunchtime whether if the breads to dry, too thin or you don't like how it tastes. Don't get me wrong the ingredients you out inside can make it better but the first you bite into is the bread.

Whether your a white bread, whole grain or whole wheat kind of person Turlock pita bread company has you covered!

I was ecstatic when I was sent a mixture of different pita breads from there for review, and just in time for lunch after a day of shopping. I must say I worked up a healthy appetite too!

 I've tried other pita breads before and they would break when trying to stuff the ingredients into the bread such as meats,cheeses and veggies and this bread does not do that at all!

Now keep in mind I haven't tried all of them yet but I will update as soon  as I do!!

Here are the pitas I received:

Whole wheat:

Whole wheat 9 grain:

9 grain white bread pita:

This bread made the perfect sandwich and was the best one I've had in a long time! Mom prepared some chicken salad from a rotisserie chicken we bought at the market today and tossed in some almond cranberry orange mix along with some lettuce and oh my good the flavors married together from the moist tender chicken with a bit of mayo and the citrus zing of cranberries and crunchiness from the almonds was out of this world amazing!

Whole grain:
And white bread pita

What I like about the ingredients on the back of the package it's words that you can actually pronounce.

Pita facts:
All natural
No cholesterol
No preservatives
Fat free
No sugar
Good for 30 days refrigerated and 90 days in the freezer
Excellent shelf life for 10 whole days!


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