Organic Food Bar Review!

It's important to make sure you consume at least some kind of protein whether it's in meat, protein shakes or bars such as these all natural food bars from Organic food bar .

I couldn't wait to try out the bars I received for review because I am a chocoholic !

They work as a great snack when craving something sweet or a post workout snack .

Did you know that they are the first organic food bar in the world and also the best selling!?

Some protein bars have an awful taste to it but not these bars no way! 

They are made with organic ingredients such as:
Chia seeds
Carrot juice
Cocoa butter
Almond butter
Broccoli sprouts
Sesame seeds
Chocolate liquor
And more!!

Organic kids:
Apple pie oatmeal:
Craving a heavenly slice of apple pie?
Bite into this bar and you will be blown away by the sweet ingredients such as raisins and nuts and it taste just like a warm apple pie! No joke!

High energy:
Belgium chocolate:

I absolutely loved the sweet chocolate taste! Super delicious and the perfect treat.

rich in dark chocolate antioxidants and cures any sweet tooth !!

Chocolate covered active greens:

Active greens protein chocolate covered: 
to me this bar tasted like a mix between a luscious chocolate brownie mixed with vegetables which was different but oh so delicious! Never tried anything like it before in my life! It was chewy, chocolaty and didn't leave an awful after taste in my mouth.

Raw organic food bar:
Chocolate coconut:

chewy granola bar meets almond joy candy! It was so delicious and packed with chocolate chips and almonds! Made a great workout recovery snack.


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