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Are you getting tired of carrying around those huge water bottles to the gym, work or to school with you?

They can be a pain especially when you've finished drinking the water and you have to figure out where to throw them away!

Did you know that only 12 percent are recycled after we throw the bottles away?

Also did you know that 24 percent of the packaged water is tap water to begin with?

If we all could make a change and use Vapur bottles the world would be a better place and not have all these toxins.

Tap water is less expensive than the bottled waters we buy anyways!

The reusable ones are a pain too, because you have to rinse them out.

VapurUs is a water bottle that is flexible, when there is no water inside it's folded or flat but when you put water inside of the bottle it stands up like any other regular sized water bottle!

The best thing about these bottles is that it's dishwasher safe, bpa free,freezable and eco friendly.

I love the designs on the bottles too, makes them look just like any other bottles you would find in the stores!

The Vapur team has started an organization called Drops of Hope that gives Vapur Sales to water and environmental related causes. 

Their on a mission to make disposable water bottles obsolete, and we can too with Vapur! 

I absolutely love this water bottle that I received because I can take it anywhere with me.

When I'm all done drinking the water all I have to do is just roll it up and put it back in my bag!

It's convenient and easy to just fill it up and go!

Great for workouts, traveling, shopping or any occasion!

Kid and environment friendly too!

This bottle is great for you!

Interested in their products?

Their online!

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