Candle Voyage Review

Did you know that Candle Voyage handcrafts their own candles?

I had no idea.

You can take a look on their site to see all the different kinds as well. 

OK, let's not get side tracked now.

Here goes my delicious smelling review with you all!

I was so surprised to see this package when I had come home from work one day and started opening the box.

Of course you can tell by the name what's inside of the box.

So I looked inside of the box and saw these carefully wrapped inside.

I then took them out one by one and smelling each one of them to see just how amazing they smelled.

Wow they smelled good enough to eat, no calories or fat yeah!! (LOL)

Heart Shaped:
Smells like cinnamon and makes your house smell so good!
You could even use it in the kitchen while cooking!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana:
This one smells amazing!
By far this is my favorite one.
I can not put it down or stop lighting it!
It just smells that good.
With half the fat of regular peanut butter how can you not love it?!
I know I do!

Cinnamon Vanilla  heart shaped:
This candle is so cute and tiny with it's little red hearts carved through out the candle!
Smells amazing.

Cafe' Au lait Votive Caramel Coffee Scent:
All of you that know me know very well that I am a coffeeholic!
I need to have my coffee at least two times in one day.
I am addicted I tell you.
Best thing of all about this candle is it leaves a nice aroma through out the house of coffee!

Orange Cucumber Aromatherapy soy candle: 
I love how this candle came packaged inside of the box.
It had it's own little box and smelled amazing!

You have got to check out their hand crafted candles, you won't want to miss out!


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