Kopali Chocolates Review and Giveaway!

The winner is....

Beth Johnson Titus!!!

Kopali Chocolates 

What I love about Kopali Organics is that their foods are organic and healthier for us from fruits to chocolates.

They also support farmers from around the globe.

They use the finest cacao all the way from Peru, can you believe it!

No wonder why they are so good! 

To sweeten the chocolate they use panela which is a form of cane juice.

They are sold in resealable bags to keep the chocolates fresh.

I am a huge fan of chocolates, so when I received these to review I was so excited! 

I couldn't wait to try them and see how delicious they were like everyone has been saying.

In my box I received the cutest Kopali Tank top, Chocolate Covered Espresso beans, Chocolate Covered Bananas and Cacao nibs.

Chocolate Covered Banana Bits: 

I've heard of chocolate dipped bananas before but not chocolate covered, so to try them I was skeptical at first.

Since I do love chocolate and fruit together I figured what the heck I'll give it a try.

I am so glad I tried them!

The chocolate is creamy, smooth and delicious.

The banana middle of the chocolates is like a caramel how it melts in your mouth.

You can use them in a banana bread, in a trail mix or on top of your favorite ice cream!

Think of a hot fudge sundae with bananas on it and you've got yourself a chocolate covered banana!

Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans:

What better way to eat chocolate than with coffee right?

These are outrageously good!

A robust coffee flavor and the smoothness of the chocolate are amazing together!

Cacao Nibs: 

These little bits of chocolates are so good!

Their not too sweet and you can add them to your favorite yogurt for a little 

added crunch and sweetness to your snack!

I know, I got your mouth watering from chocolate goodness, Go ahead order some!

You will be amazed at how great they are!


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One Winner will win an assortment of 6 bags of chocolates and kopali tank top!

Go here to their website.

or check them out here.

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  1. Yet another brand I hadn't heard of but sound great! I love how you mention it can be incorporated into baking or other food choices like yogurt.

  2. My sweet indulgence is chocolate on a daily basis. I'm always looking for a new blend, and I think you have it. I followed you on twitter, and would love to win!!

  3. Oh i have to say Chocolate is my number 1 Indulgence.. I always have a stock pile somewhere in the house..lol

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  8. chocolate!! of course! the dark kind!

  9. sweet indulgance is caramel anything!
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  10. I love a good chocolate for dessert!

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  12. Kelli! Chocolate covered bananas? Omg! That is going to be my new indulgence! I also really really love chocolate covered espresso beans, my favorite!

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  15. I follow your blog! Thanks for the giveaway Kelli you rock!


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