OCHO The Organic Candy Bar Review

I was sent this wonderful box of candy bars from OCho Candy to review.

Here's their story!

We all know some kids love candy, but what we don't know is the dangerous ingredients that they put into them upon making them.

Two fathers one Halloween night wondered why they could never find a candy that was good for their children to eat.

Here's the scoop.

They came up with their own invention for candy that was healthy and still delicious as regular candy.


They used all organic ingredients in their candies such as:

peanut butter
milk chocolate
dark chocolate
cocoa butter
egg whites

What's not to love?
Bite into an exotic creamy coconut center bathed in organic dark chocolate.

Thoughts on it:

The first bite I was hooked!

Very tasty and love how it's made from the finest ingredients.

I am a huge fan of chocolate and coconut products especially when it's candy or ice creams!


A delicious mocha nougat center dipped in creamy luscious milk chocolate!

I loved the taste of the chocolate and mocha together, when it comes to chocolate and coffee who doesn't?!

Peanut Butter:

Ocho Bar Caramel & Peanut:

take a bite out of this delicious chocolate bar oozing with caramel and crunchy peanuts!

Great sweet snack.

All you chocolate lovers you have got to try these!

They are amazing!

Check them out online at these sites here.


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