Karma Waters

I was sent these wonderful waters for a review from a company called Karma wellness water.

Each one of their waters five to be exact have their own unique positive twist to them enhancing the mind, body, spirit, vitality and balance. 

K, so what is Karma Wellness Water ?

You've probably heard the saying what goes around comes around right?

When your drinking Karma all it is are vitamins! Yes ladies and gents I said vitamins!

With a quick push of the cap the vitamins (power substance) is then released into the water.

With just a shimmy shake you will have deliciously satisfying water right at your fingertips.

This is a great drink for on the go, at the gym or even at  work!

I will tell you a little bit about each flavor as well.

Pineapple Coconut (Vitality):

This morning I grabbed the bottle and took it to work with me because I love Coconut/pineapple flavored drinks especially waters!

Anyways when I got thirsty I peeled off the tab then pushed down the cap and voila vitamins were released into the water.

I then shook the bottle and took the cap off and took a sip of it.

Wow, was it good or what?!

It was amazing!

The flavor was just right and you could actually taste the coconut pineapple flavors which some waters lack.

So far this one is my favorite!

I am going to try another one tomorrow and will let all of you know what I think!

Orange Mango (mind) :

Filled with Guarana seed extract which is a  natural source of caffeine that energizes your body and mind.

When I pushed the cap down and the vitamins were dispersed into the water the color it made was like watching a sunset with it's beautiful orange hue to it.

The first taste you get when you take a sip is the oranges and when you swallow it you get the taste of the mango.

I loved it!

So refreshing and not too sweet.

Acai Pomberry (balance)

infused with tea extracts (antioxidants)  that supports the immune system.

Super fruits that promotes immunity and health.

Fruity and delicious.

Raspberry Guava Jack fruit (body):

I have to say this was a bit different.

It was good though.


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