Palmolive Fresh Infusions Lime Basil

I received these wonderful dish washing soaps courtesy of Influenster for testing and reviewing purposes. 

Don't you just hate when you notice the caked on food on your pots and pans that just won't come off?

I used Lime Basil Palmolive Fresh Infusions from Influenster the other night and noticed that when I went to wash the dishes after letting them soak a bit that there was absolutely nothing on the pans. I didn't even have to scrape anything off!

It not only got the dishes clean it smelled great too!

I am in love with this scent and it's my favorite, because it smells amazing, and cleans the dishes.

The scent I shared with my mom was the lemon thyme she thought it smelled great! 

Want to try them out?

You can find them at your local Wal-Mart!

Palmolive page-

Review page for Fresh Infusions-


  1. Oh gosh yes! I want to try them out. I'll have to price them the next time I head to the store. I'm a big fan of the original scent though so they'll have to be great smelling for me to give them a shot.


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