Think Thin

Think Thin

Whether you are lifting weights, preparing for a marathon, swimming or biking you do need a snack that is healthy and nutritious to give you the boost you need.

Think Thin believes in good energy and weight wellness and portable nutrition.

Going out for a run and need a snack that's quick and easy?

Take along a Think Thin bar with you along with some water and you are good to go!

Want something crunchy and nutty?

Then try their fruit and nut bar.

So many choices to choose from I know!

Chocolate Fudge: 

Craving a brownie and don't want to undo your day of eating healthy?

Then reach for a luscious Chocolate fudge bar!

So good and tastes just like a brownie. 

Fudge center dipped right into creamy milk chocolate.

Divine Mini Dark Chocolate Coconut:

whoever loves coconut and chocolate you will love this!

Doesn't taste like a protein bar at all!

Tastes just like a candy bar and it's amazing!

I loved it!

The chocolate was smooth and the coconut was sweet but not too sweet.

Chocolate Toffee Nut bites:

Luscious chocolate with the sweet taste of toffee and nutty crunch of peanuts.

I love how it's portion controlled because sometimes with sweets I can get carried away, but not with Think Thin bites!

Brownie Crunch:

Great chocolate taste with added crunch from a rice crispy like consistency.

It's like a chocolate coated cereal!

Want to learn more about their products?

Check them out online.

Or look for them in at your local retailers. 


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