RW Garcia

One thing I can not give up when eating healthy is chips.

I love chips with a half of a sandwich or to dip in some salsa, but the thing is most chips are full of fat and other hidden ingredients we don't know anything about. 

These chips from RW Garcia are amazing and delicious.

They are made from stone ground corn, flax seed and spices for flavoring.

Contains no additives or preservatives.

Oils contain no trans fat.

Spices are non-irradiated and also free of artificial ingredients.

Wheat and Gluten free as well!

Dipping Chips:

3 Seed  English Cheddar :

These chips are amazing!

Have you ever had Sun Chips?

That's exactly what they taste like amazing!

Made with  stone ground white corn, chia seeds, black sesame seeds cheddar cheese and caramelized onions to give a robust flavor.


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