Betty Lou's


Betty Lou founder of Betty Lou's Company wanted to make delicious and healthy snacks that you could eat and feel your best at.

How did she do it?

She removed refined sugars in her families diet and came up with recipes with honey and brown rice syrup.


Gluten free
healthier choices 
soy free
low fat
hormone free
high protein
barley free
corn free
certified organic

Nut Butter Balls:

Nut Butter Coconut Macadamia: 

What can I say about this delicious snack?

Let's see, what's not to love when almond butter is rolled in coconut?

It's sweet, creamy and so good especially when you want something sweet.

Fruit Bars:


Apple Cinnamon:

Wow it's amazing!

Loved the sweetness of the cinnamon along with the apples, insane how it tasted just like an apple pie!

Not even kidding!

It was that good, I wanted to add some ice cream to it!


Just Great Stuff Bars:

Organic Chocolate Dream Greens:

(Ate before I could take a picture) 

I was a bit skeptical about having a bar that's filled with vegetables and fruits in them with chocolate coating.

When I bit into it though I was absolutely blown away!

How can it taste so good along with veggies!?

You're probably thinking veggies and chocolate ew gross.

It's really good though!

You could taste the chunks of bananas all through out the bar and went along great with the dark chocolate. 

Organic Cacao Acai Bar:

I am not afraid to try new foods so I went along and tried it and thought that it tasted pretty good!

Powdered Butters:

Powdered Chocolate Peanut Butter:

So creamy and chocolaty! 

Works great on some toast or apples.

So good!

You could even use it in oatmeal or ice cream as a topping!

Powdered Peanut Butter: 

I have heard of powdered peanut butters and thought it was both neat and weird.

As a snack I bring rice cakes with almond butter, honey and raisins.

I thought today I would change it up so I did.

I carefully read the directions on the package.

K take 2 tablespoons of the dry mix and stir it with 2 tablespoons of water.

How hard is that?

So easy.

I had to try it to make sure I liked it before I slathered on some on my rice cakes, so I did.


It's so good and taste just like the real thing from the jar! 

Only thing is it's a lot better for you because your adding some water to it.

It's creamy, spreadable and delicious.

Works great with fruit,rice cakes can even make cupcakes and add this for a frosting!


Like the name says JustGreatStuff!

I am a true believer and it is great stuff.

Loved it and can't wait to try another flavor.

I can't wait until snack time!

Protein Shakes: 

Angell Bars:

Snow Angell(Coconut)

I have never tried coconut paired with a white chocolate and it was the best thing I have ever tried!

The first taste you get upon nibbling on it is the creaminess of the white chocolate and then the sweet delicious flakes of coconut!

So delicious.

Angell Crisp bar: 

Delicious milk chocolate along with a crispy milk chocolate center.

Dark Angell:

Dark chocolate covered in a rich cocoa along with a delicious almond center.

You have got to check them out online!! 


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