Activision Prize Pack

I don't know about you but my nephew and I enjoy playing video games.

Ever since I was a kid I would sit in front of the TV for hours and play tons of games and was content, never got bored either.

I still to this day love video games. 

I was beyond excited when the Activision family fun pack arrived at my door step!

I was amazed at all of the great stuff that was included in the box.

The Box included:

Bratz Doll
Angry Bird plush toy
Moshi monsters game
Transformers game
Wreck it Ralph game
Soleil Moon Frye book
Target gift card
Transformers figurine 
Bratz game

For Christmas I gave my niece and nephew the games.

My niece and nephew were ecstatic, they played them all day long!

I loved seeing their smile on their faces Christmas morning.

I thought it was great that this box had something in it for everyone.

As a kid I was a huge fan of the show Punky Brewster.

So it was a surprise to see a book by Soleil Moon Frye which was Punky!

I can't wait to read it, just love reading books!

Want to know more about their products?

Find them here.


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