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Home Spa 

Feel like all you do all day long is run around?

I get it, you just want time to relax and unwind with a great book, a spa treatment, a movie or a hot bath.

With going to the spa it gets pricey.

Why not have the aroma of a spa in your own home with Home spa shower sprays!

With the scent of these  100% all natural shower sprays  they clear your mind  and make you feel at ease,using the treatments found within spas.

Give the bottle a little shake first, start the shower, bath or whirlpool tub,then pump three sprays into your shower stream then hop in and let the scents of the home spa take you away.

You will feel so relaxed and like you are at a spa in no time.



 let all of your worries be put to rest and relax and unwind with the sweet and relaxing scent of Lavender.

Pink Grapefruit:

Love the smell of the candles burning inside of the spa while your getting a massage?

Your bathroom will be smelling like it in no time with the exotic scent of Pink Grapefruit!


Have a sinus infection?

Put on a pot of tea or coffee, grab a book and relax and unwind.

Pump some spray in the shower stream, then get in and relax

with the detoxifying scent of Eucalyptus to help you say goodbye to those pesky sinus infections! 


Not only will you feel like your at a spa but you will feel like you are on a tropical vacation!

Talk about soothing!

1. Enter to win by telling me what do you do to unwind after a long day?

Want an extra entry? 

2. Follow my blog.

3.Then also follow me via Twitter, here. https://twitter.com/kelli_bliss 

4. then tweet about the giveaway and make sure you use #HomeSpa

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Note that 5 winners will be selected and best of all you get to pick the scent of your choice! 

Good Luck!

Best of all they are online and you can order these wonderful amazing shower sprays and they will be shipped to your house the next day!

Winners are Gina, Tricia, Janette, Meg and Jennie! Congratulations ladies!! 

Check them out here!

Or Here on Face Book!


  1. Would love to use these to unwind at the end of the day, but for right now I do one or two different things. I might go off to my bedroom, after settling the kids down in the living room to watch a movie, and watch Big Bang Theory on the TV there. Or I go take a long hot bath. I usually use my body wash to make a bubble bath too.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry posted the wrong link the first time so I deleted it.

  3. a hot bath is a great way to unwind, especially with a good smelling body wash. I myself have just started getting into the Big Bang Theory! The show is hilarious!

  4. Twitter share : https://twitter.com/jjrupple/status/287691068739289088

  5. Hey Kelli I love to take a nice hot bath and just soak my worries away. Also a nice glass of wine helps along the way every now and then.

  6. I have always been a fan of my bathtub! LOL! But I like to left alone and not gave anyone in the house to disturb me :)

  7. https://twitter.com/MegTucker1/status/287916429955723265

  8. I never get to unwind! I need unwind time!

  9. GFC follow! Jennie Sanderson!!

  10. https://twitter.com/jenpsht/status/287953961326088193 My tweet

  11. Hot cup of tea with the candles lit and some much needed mommy time.. Hot bubble bath when the kids are asleep...

  12. Candles are wonderful for relaxation time, Gina what's your favorite candle scent?

  13. I know right Jennie! Feels like we're always up and doing something!

  14. When I need to unwind,I go to the gym or do yoga..or walk my dog.Then,I take a hot shower and crash out in bed,lol


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