Manna Bread Review and Giveaway!

The winner is Jennie Sanderson!!

Manna Bread

I was sent these wonderful healthy and hearty breads to review and would love to share my review with you all.

So here it goes. 

Have you ever read the ingredients on a package of bread and thought to yourself what is this and most importantly is it safe?

You don't have to worry about all of those chemicals at all with Manna Bread because their products are gluten free, yeast free, vegan and it's sprouted.

They are a family operated and owned company that believes in the very best of ingredients made to offer us a daily dose of healthy goodness.

These breads are also organic!

What's sprouted? 

It's more cake- like and denser  in texture and free of oils, salts, no leavening agents and sweeteners.

Great thing about these breads is that they are sold in the freezer section so you don't have to worry about them turning moldy and expiring before you eat them.

High in protein and fiber. 

They have tons of products ranging from sourdough, gluten free, and sprouted breads.

They even have trail mix!

Multi grain Flax Seed:

Tons of flavor and a bit different from your average Multi grain bread it's made with flax seed and so good.

I was having soup for dinner one night and it needed something along with the soup so I popped a slice of this wonderful hearty bread in the toaster.

Then I added some Melt buttery spread on it.

It was so good!

I loved the texture and taste especially along with soup it was great!

It was the perfect dinner for a cold night.

Yesterday for lunch I had a grilled cheese and made it with the bread, so delicious and it didn't get all soggy that some other breads do.

Don't you just hate soggy sandwiches? 

I know it's gross, but not with Manna Bread at all!

It was crunchy, cheesy and so good!

Fruit & Nut

Made with sprouted wheat kernels, dates,raisins,almonds,cinnamon,cashews,hazelnuts, oatmeal and nutmeg.

First bite of this bread I was in love. 

To me it tasted like a cinnamon raisin type of bread with nuts in them. 

I loved the juicy and plump raisins and the sweetness of cinnamon and nutmeg baked right into this delicious bread.

The morning I tried it I made some eggs and come on now we need a side of something right?

Whether it's some fruit or bread.

So I opened the bread and cut two small pieces and it didn't need any butter or anything, except coffee!

Today for a snack I had added some almond butter on it and it was amazing!

It's so delicious even the kids would eat it!

Sun seed 

Made with sunflower seeds!

Wow never tried anything like it before in my life.

It was a bit different.

I would suggest adding some almond butter on it with a little honey and raisins!

Makes a quick and healthy snack!

Cinnamon Date

I loved it! 

Sweet but not too sweet and had great taste to it.

Great with a cup of coffee or with some Almond Butter on it!


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Interested in buying their products? 

Check them out here!


  1. I have started to eat less processed foods. I shop at the farmer's market during the season, and I try to buy organic, or at least in season produce! Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Same here with the less processed foods. Whole Foods is a very good place to shop organic products.

  2. I eat a low fat low cholesterol diet. I am also eating more organic and gluten free products. I take the time to read labels and search out healthier foods.

    1. Same here. It's so hard to eat healthy.

  3. Following you on twitter as @njsunbunny


  5. Kelli, I've started incorporating any sort of exercise into my day again. I'm having to start small but I know it will make a difference. My next goal is to cut out soda or at least take it way, way down from what I normally drink.

  6. Oh that looks so good! We have as well started eating less processed foods and are noticing a huge difference in how we feel daily.

    1. Ashley it's amazing! Makes me feel more full longer so I am not snacking like I used to.

  7. Putting more fresh fruits and veggies in my house to eat so I don't have junk laying around to snack on.

  8. Cyndie such a great idea! Fruits and vegetable are always a great snack source!

  9. I have been watching what I eat but most importantly cutting back on pop and sugary drinks!

  10. I have been cutting the white stuff out of my life... sugar, processed flour.

    shankyouverymuch11 (at) yahoo dot com

  11. Here's my link.

  12. I just started the ViSalus 90 day challenge. That should really improve my health.

  13. I had gastric bypass 3.5 yrs ago. Lost 130 pounds. did have some regain after my son and my husband (2 seperate illnesses son appendix husband heart) almost died last yr. so between hospital foods (sad when its cheaper to eat on grill then healthy at a hospital) and stress eating i regained 48 of that. So Really need to get back to my basics!

    followed you on twitter

    tweeted using #manna

  14. I have maintained a vegetarian (mostly vegan, no eggs no dairy) diet for nearly 20years focusing on whole unprocessed foods and most recently fresh veggie juices i make daily!


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