Pretzel Crisps Review

Snacking just got healthier in 2004 thanks to a wonderful company called Pretzel crisps

Their products sailed away into stores in 2006.


fat free
low calorie
low in salt
great on salads
great in soups
or just right out of the bag!

Snack happy!

I was sent these wonderful delicious and healthy snacks to review.

How adorable is the pretzel crisps reusable bag?!

I love it!

Can't wait to use it when I go shopping!


lightly salted, great flavor and crispy.

You could dip them in anything such as cream cheese, salsa or even crumble them on some soup!

The one snack that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Chipotle Cheddar:

Looking for a cheesy snack with a kick?

Look no further!

Great cheese flavor with just the right amount of spice to it from the chiptole.

Garlic Parmesan:

now this flavor is phenomenal! 

Has just the right amount of garlic taste and love the Parmesan flavor with it! 


I absolutely love this one!

It tastes just like an everything bagel but better because of the pretzel taste!

Check them out online!


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