Getting Organized

This year one of my new year resolutions is to be more organized.

So with that in mind I bought these pretty boxes at some craft stores and made a home for the stuff in my closet.

I mean seriously it look like someone threw up in it!

I am also changing my room by adding paint and a new comforter.

I can't wait to start so I bought some stuff to get the ball rolling.

Here is the comforter I chose, it's so pretty I love it!

I went to the Christmas Tree shop last night and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this!

It was practically yelling at me to buy it!

So bought it I did!


  1. Looks like you are off to a good start. I'm going to be overhauling the house this year too. Going to donate or give away anything that isn't routinely used so I can't stop being a clutter monkey.

  2. Thanks! I sure am! So far things are looking up for me! I started with the closet first lol. Even though I haven't started painting yet I bought these for organizing just in case I went back to the stores and they didn't have them! It gets a little pricey but it's so worth it! I am doing the same thing giving stuff away like old clothing and etc. It makes everything much nicer instead of having so much clutter. I thought I was becoming a hoarder no joke! LOL. Got rid of some clothing that was way too big.

  3. I'm doing the same thing. I post the things I no longer need on my local Freecycle site. There is always someone that is in need of what I have, if not, then I donate.
    I have a storage room full of things I'm working through now.

  4. That's a great idea! This stuff isn't to donate though. LOL, it's for my room. I will be repainting it and re decorating as well! So much fun!


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