Crunch Master

Crunch Master

I was sent these delightful crispy snacks from Crunch Master to review.

Their snacks are gluten free, all natural and much better for us to snack on.

Made with quinoa,California rice, sesame, amaranth and flax seeds.

No artificial flavoring added at all.

Beware though I admit they are addicting!

Multi-seed Crackers:

Baked with sesame and Quinoa seeds.

You know how when your eating crackers and they crumble upon biting into them?

These don't do that at all, they are crispy and so good!

You can add any kind of cheese or spread to them such as jam.

Cheezy Crisps:

Made with real cheddar cheese.

Baked to cheesy perfection!

Love the bite sized crackers.

You can pop them right in your mouth, use them as nachos, add some to your favorite soups or crumble some up and add them to a salad!

Great cheese taste!

So good you'll want to get your hands on them!

The kids will love them!

More cheese please! 

Interested in their line of products?

Check them out online.


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