Attune Foods

Attune Foods

Feel like your getting cheated out of your favorite cereal with all of those added ingredients that are unhealthy?

They may sound good for you when they are really not until you read the labels!

Their team is involved in improving our ways that we eat foods in the home.

Switch it up with Attune Foods where they make their cereals with pure and simple ingredients with no added sugars or flavoring and make you feel your best during the day!

What I love about this company is that they make all kinds of products such as cereal, crackers and chocolate bars!

They are gluten free and high in fiber.

I was sent two boxes of Uncle Sam's cereal for reviewing purposes.

So I will talk a little bit about them.

Ladies and gents hold onto your cereal bowls and get ready.


They take hard red winter wheat berries that's all the way from South Dakota and roll them, toast and flatten them.

They also use flax seed as well!

Makes you wonder how other cereals are made, which is probably through a processor.

I know ugh.

Each Uncle Sam's cereal has seven grams of protein, ten grams of fiber and you won't believe it, less then one gram of sugar!

How awesome is that?!

Raisin Bran

I love Raisin bran because it's high in fiber and so good.

I have never tried this kind before though and couldn't wait to dig in.

You know how other raisin bran brands have huge bran flakes in them?

Uncle Sam's has little tiny ones!

I added in some Vanilla almond milk and dug right in!

So delicious.


Toasted whole wheat flakes and flax seed for a deliciously healthy meal or as a snack on top of some yogurt with fresh fruit!

Want to check out their products and learn all about them?

Check them out on these sites here.


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