Schick Hydro Silk Bzz Campaign

Ladies let's get serious.

It's time to talk about razors for a minute!

We all use them and want the cleanest closest shave as possible am I right?

I got to try this razor from Schick through Bzzagent for free.

How awesome is that a free razor!

It came with some coupons and also a shower grip so you can rest the razor on it when your done.

The razor has serum in it so when you shave your legs it's all sticky and I didn't really like it that much.

Yes they feel soft and smooth.

When shaving legs I like to get a nice clean shave where there is no hair left or even razor bumps or cuts.

I was careful not to get cut but noticed stubble the next day!

Are you serious?

Isn't it supposed to last a lot longer than that?

I liked using it and trying out a new product but wasn't too thrilled on it.


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