Morning Star Farms

I am a member of this website called Bzzagent.

For those of you who have never heard of it, it's a word of mouth site where we get to test products and then review them with others such as yourselves.

I got invited to this campaign for Morning Star Farms through Bzzagent to try out their products.

Their products are free of meat and healthy too!

I am not afraid to try anything new so I thought what the heck I will try it.

I am always open to change up what I eat especially healthy foods.

In my kit I received two free product coupons and some for $1 off.

I have to admit I've tried one of their burgers before but didn't really care for it.

So this time I went with the spicy black bean burger.

I love black beans and always add them to my salads along with some feta cheese.

I was skeptical at first to bite into it but first bite I was hooked!

I am astonished at how good and delicious it was.

Funny thing about it is it's vegetarian it's not even meat!

It tasted as if it were real meat!

I am in love!

It was tender, juicy, full of flavor and worked great in the pita bread and along my salad.

I will be buying more of these products next time I go shopping!

Looking for a more healthier alternative other than meat?

Try these!

They are wonderful and won't disappoint you!


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