Goody Good Stuff

Goody Good Stuff Candies

Why can't all candies be like this one?

A great candy company that makes all natural gummy and sour candies that are all natural and free of additives making them nutritious with just the right amount of sweetness. 


Gluten Free
Fat Free
GMO Free
Soy Free
Nut Free
Dairy Free
Egg free
Meat free
Alcohol free
Tree nut free and guilt free 

I was sent these wonderful and delicious candies to review.
The flavors I received were:
Tropical Fruit
Strawberries and cream
Koala Gummy Bears
Sour Fruit Salad
Summer peaches
Sour Mix and Match
Cheery Cherries
Cola Breeze

My mom and I decided to test them out tonight, so I took two small bowls and put a little from each bag into the bowls.
Summer Peaches

I absolutely love peach candies especially peach rings!

To me they taste just like them but better!

They are soft not chewy at all and offer a ton of peach flavor which I love.

Sour Mix and Match

Delicious fruity sour sweets 

Cola Breeze

Great flavor and shaped like a cola bottle!

How cute is that!

You can enjoy the taste of cola without all of those artificial sweeteners and extra calories in just one bite!

Cheery Cherries

tiny little gummy cherry shaped bites that are sweet and delicious!

Strawberries and Cream

Enjoy the sweet and creamy flavor of Strawberries and cream.

Sour Fruit Salad

enjoy a guilt free mixture of sweet and sour fruits!

Tropical Fruit

You might want to pack your bags on this one!

In just one bite of these delicious tropical gummy candies you'll feel like your on an island!

They are that good!

Koala Gummy Bears

As a kid I would always put gummy bears on my ice cream!

I just loved the sweetness of the cold ice cream along with the chewiness of the gummy bears.

These are amazing!

Interested in trying their products?

Check them out online here!

You can find them at these local retailers.

Stop & Shop
Giant Eagle
Tops Friendly Market's
Coming soon to 7 Eleven's!


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